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Labour Supporters Sign Letter of support for Yes Vote.

More than 100 Labour supporters sign open letter calling for a Yes vote to build a fairer Scotland

More than 100 Labour party members past and present have signed an open letter urging a Yes vote on Thursday as the best way to create a fairer, more socially just Scotland.

The signatories, including former STUC president Pat Kelly, former Westminster Labour government minister Les Huckfield and former chairman of the Scottish Labour Party Bob Thomson, say a Yes vote is not a vote for nationalism but to take 'the important economic and political decisions that will help put right the ills in our society'.

Yes Scotland Chief Executive Blair Jenkins welcomed the endorsement, saying it reflected the fact that increasing numbers of Labour supporters were moving to Yes.

He added: 'One recent poll suggested that as many as 42% of those who voted Labour in 2010 are already intending to vote Yes on Thursday. This is because they realise that a Yes vote is not only the best way to achieve a better and fairer Scotland but it is also the one opportunity to revive the party through which they can re-articulate traditional Labour values and aspirations.'

Labour for Independence Co-Convenor Deborah Waters said this reflected the mood when speaking to many Labour voters on the campaign trail. 

" It is families and workers throughout this nation who can prosper within a society based on founding Labour values. This is the message Labour for Independence has been putting out there and it is resonating with Labour supporters throughout Scotland."

The letter reads: 

"As Labour Party members, supporters and prominent representatives past and present, we have campaigned extensively for equality and social justice.
"Within the Party we have campaigned to ensure that the rights of workers, strong public services and the protection of those who need it are paramount to the political agenda in Britain. However for the last 35 years there has been a growing dismay that this is being further removed from priorities of all political parties in London. Unfortunately in the last 20 years this has also begun to include our own representation at Westminster.
"It is from this position that we have reached the conclusion that a Yes vote on Thursday will give us the greatest opportunity to create a fairer, more equal and prosperous Scotland.
"We know that Scotland is an affluent nation and yet this is not reflected throughout our people. Some 800,000 of our citizens are living in poverty, 1 in 4 of our children suffering the same fate, and a rise in food banks has led the Scottish Outlook Campaign to proclaim that we are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. This is not acceptable for a country that, with independence, would be among the 20th richest in world. 
"Recent polls show that the Yes campaign is winning the economic and moral high ground. The announcements by the Westminster leaders of three unionists parties of more devolved powers will be seen as the panic and too late response that it is. If they were so committed to further devolution why did they not lay them out at the start of the campaign 18 months ago and not now after hundreds of thousands of Scots had already cast their postal vote.
"We believe that independence will give us the greatest opportunity to redress this, to take control of the decisions affecting our economy and society. It will also give us a return to a real Labour Party here in Scotland. We know that a Yes vote is not a vote for nationalism but to take the important economic and political decisions that will help put right the ills in our society.
"It is for these reasons that we are very proud to proclaim our support for a Yes vote on Thursday."  

A list of signatures are below,



Dennis Canavan, Former Labour MP and Independent MSP

Les Huckfield, Former Labour MP and Minister 

Bob Thomson, Glasgow Southside CLP, former Chairman, Scottish Labour Party.

Pat Kelly, President of the STUC, Scottish Secretary of PCS Union and Labour/LFI member 

Anum Qaisar, General Secretary of Muslim Friends of Labour, Scotland

Alex Mosson, Former Labour member and Labour Lord Provost Glasgow. 

Allan Grogan, Labour for Independence Co-Convenor and Labour member Angus South. 

Deborah Waters, Labour for Independence Co-Convenor and Labour member Renfrewshire South

Mary Lockhart, Labour Member, Former Chair of the Scottish Co-operative Party, former member Scottish Labour Party Executive, former No3 on the Scottish Labour list for the European Parliament.

Mike Dyer, Labour member Glasgow Anniesland CLP

Kirsteen Mosson, Former Labour member and former City of Glasgow Councillor

Sheila Kettles, Labour member North Angus and Mearns

Debbie Figures, LFI and Labour member Renfrewshire

Claire Gallagher,  LFI and Labour member Clydebank CLP

Steve BellFormer Vice Chair - Cleveland County Councillor - 1989 to 1993 Labour Party member since 1979.

Kevin McKeown Labour Councillor from March 1995 – November 2011

Andy Murray, LFI Press Officer and Labour member 

Scott Abel LFI and Labour member Aberdeenshire West

Noreen McGrath, LFI and Labour member Coatbridge and Chryston

Pat Munro, LFI member and former Labour Party member Strathkelvin & Bearsden CLP

Christine Hunter, LFI member and Labour Supporter

John Paul Tonner,  LFI and Labour member Cathcart CLP

Alex Bell, Former Labour Councillor and LFI, Labour member Cunningham South CLP

Sohail Haque, LFI and Labour member Dundee East

Joshua Cusack, LFI and Labour member Edinburgh South.

Fiona Taylor Purdon, Labour voter and supporter

Alex Kidd Jnr  LFI member and Former Labour member Fintry Branch Dundee

Liam McCabe, LFI and Labour Party member, Youth and Student Officer for Bellshill and Uddingston CLP.

Terry McManus LFI and Labour member Enfield North CLP

William Symington, LFI and Labour member Kirkcaldy CLP

Pat Egan  LFI and Labour member Mid Fife and Glenrothes CLP

Alex Clark, LFI member and Labour supporter

Bill McPherson, LFI member and Labour supporter

Brian Robertson, LFI member and Labour member Edinburgh North and Leith CLP

Scott Irvine, LFI , Labour supporter and voter

Harry Butler LFI supporter and Labour member Cardiff. 

Gordon Mackay,  LFI, Labour supporter and voter

Douglas Anderson, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Eric Carlin, LFI and Labour member Edinburgh.

Andrew Notman, LFI , Labour supporter and voter. Union shop steward. 

Michael Garrity, LFI and former Labour member Rutherglen. 

Andrew Wilson,  LFI and Labour member Pollok

Pamela Mackay, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Chris Ford, LFI supporter, Labour member Walthamstow CLP.

Sandy Wright, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Eddie Rocks, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Rona Mackay, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

William Glover, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Andrew Wright LFI and Labour member Edinburgh Western CLP

Barnabas-Francis MacPhailLFI and Labour member Bethnal Green CLP

Martin McMahon, LFI and Labour member Motherwell and Wishaw CLP

George Hamilton, LFI , Labour supporter and business owner. 

Allan Cowan, LFI member and former Labour chair Hillhead CLP

Andy Anderson, LFI member, Former Labour member and Nupe full time official

Alistair Murdoch, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Gary Wilson,  LFI and Labour member Edinburgh East.

John Allan, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Kai Stuart, LFI and Labour member Edinburgh Central CLP

Ni Holmes, LFI member and former Labour secretary St Andrews Branch. 

Jane McKay, Former Secretary Glasgow Trade Union Council, Labour Supporter

Hale Armani, Former Labour supporter and voter

Peter Donnelly, LFI supporter and former Labour member

Peter Lamont, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Peter Freeman, LFI supporter and former Labour member

John Graham, LFI supporter and former Labour member.

George Pottinger, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Roland Smith, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Fiona Cook, LFI and Labour member Inverclyde CLP

Kim Findlay, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Andrew Welsh, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Dan Mackie, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Darren Hill, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Bill Taylor, LFI and Labour member Dunfermline CLP

Elaine Seefedlt LFI and former Labour member Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath CLP

Michael Hannah, LFI and former Labour member Islington and Hackney CLP

Jamie Maloney, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Steve Andrews, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Helen Skuse, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Charlie Sherry, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Keith Lyall, LFI and Labour supporter 

Fiona Taylor Purdon, LFI and former Labour member Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath CLP

Edward Cadden, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Christine Folan,  LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Mary McGonigal, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Jim Dunsmore, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Kevin Campbell, LFI , Labour supporter and voter.

Ann Agnew, LFI , Labour Member Aberdeen North CLP

Eva Todd, LFI , Labour supporter and former member.

Alistair Todd, LFI , Labour supporter and former member.

William Hatch, LFI , former Labour member, supporter and voter.

Mark McKean, LFI and Labour member, Linlithgow and East Falkirk CLP

Chris Hegarty, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Gareth Carthew, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

JS Dunsmore, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Richard Cowe, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Callum Halliday, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Marianne Scobie, LFI and Labour member Anniesland

Colin Moore,  LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Karen Valentine, LFI and Labour member Dunfermline CLP

Charles Kirk, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Scott McCallum, LFI and Labour member Glasgow, Maryhill/Springburn CLP

Ronald P. Culley Snr, LFI and Labour member Eastwood CLP

Carol Gilmour, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Ian Stevenson, LFI and Labour member Renfrewshire (south) CLP

Katherine Hayes, LFI and Labour member,Ross-shire CLP

David Torrance, LFI and Labour member Clydebank and Milngavie CLP

Ed Robertson, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Janice Campbell, LFI and Labour member Strathkelvin and Bearsden CLP

Alexander Boyle, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

David Morrison, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Nigel Hewlett, LFI and Labour member Edinburgh West CLP

Tom Murdoch, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Peter Gavan, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Lynn Phillips, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

George Gray, LFI, Former Labour supporter and voter.

Kors Allan, LFI and Labour member Edinburgh Northern and Leith CLP

John McCue, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Brian Lamb, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Alasdair Milton, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Margaret Donegan, LFI, Former Labour member and voter.

Alan Young, LFI and Labour member Cathcart CLP

Jon Todd, LFI and Labour member South Tweeddale CLP

Robert Douglas, LFI and Labour member Corby CLP

Renee Slater, LFI and Labour member Aberdeen South

Peter Gauld, LFI and Labour member Aberdeen Donside

Paul Patterson LFI and Labour member Glasgow

Clare Haughey, LFI and Labour member Rutherglen and Hamilton CLP

Amy Hansen, LFI and Labour member  Ross, Skye and Lochaber CLP

Jane Shearer, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Neil Adam, LFI and Labour member Dumbarton CLP

Julie Dettbarn, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Elaine Fraser, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Jackie Grogan, LFI and Labour member Dundee West

Nicola Grogan, LFI, Labour supporter and voter.

Nick Woodhead, Labour supporter and voter.

Patrick Ward, Labour supporter and voter.

Denise Findlay LFI and Labour member Dundee East CLP




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commented 2014-09-15 19:38:05 +0100
Scotland might indeed be fairer – by driving down all incomes. Labour Party members who vote yes may be voting for poverty and loss of control of Scottish wealth. Scotland is very unlikely to be have the GDP for an NHS, free higher education, pensions etc. Oil revenues won’t go that far – you may be more like Venezuela than Norway. The Scots on higher salaries would probably choose to be non-doms in England – like the French who come to London to avoid 50% income tax. A weak Edinburgh treasury is unlikely to get any tax out of Amazon, Costa etc. If the silicon glen firms don’t get “business-friendly” corporation tax, they can up and leave.
And you will be leaving the Labour Party in England to a permanent majority of effing Tories!