Who we are - Labour for Independence

Independence is out best chance to change, to shape our nation making it fairer and more equal. Giving our children the chance of a better future.

So what kind of society do we want to have? Following a ‘yes’ vote, the Scottish Government has promised that all parties will play a role in the negotiations for an independent Scotland.

Because of this it is important for all parties to set out their vision of an independent Scotland. In light of the refusal of Labour HQ to do this, Labour for Independence will set out what we believe are real Labour policies.

One of the biggest changes we propose to make is that we will never object to proposals based on our core principals for the sake of political gain. As we have seen so many times in these past few years.

SLFI will adhere to the founding principles of the Labour party of fairness, equality and justice. We will also strive to keep in place some of our greatest creations in the NHS and the Welfare State. We will seek ways to improve, but we will never remove our belief in free education and healthcare for all at the point of service.

An abolition of a minimum wage and in its place a LIVING wage. One which reflects real living costs and prices. A living wage will protect the most vulnerable, removing most from the poverty line and costing the country less in Tax Credits, and other forms of income support.

We support a simplified version of the Welfare system. With real incentives to work. This system should be fair and support those who can and do work. The welfare system must again return to the basis of its creation to support the needy and most vulnerable. That is why we support the removal of means testing on disability allowances.

We are also open to the possibilities of nationalisation or re-nationalisation of energy, transport and care work. We are not a political group which promotes nationalisation for the sake of it. However in tough economic times we believe companies which are making a profit in these areas are doing our nation a disservice. The profit from these industries would and should be returned to the Scottish people as lower prices or placed into the country’s finances.

We like 80% of the Scottish people support a complete removal of all nuclear weapons from our land. We believe that a nuclear arsenal on our doorstep is both dangerous and unwarranted in this nation. We hope that we will lead the way forward as an example to all nations to remove such weaponry.

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